Check out what we do and how we do it.

Passionate About Post

Polish off your project with precision.  We take every project seriously…yes, even if it’s supposed to be funny! We truly are passionate about what we do and it shows in our work.  We take pride in developing a trust with each and every client, ensuring that their project will be the absolute best it can be.

Stunning Suites

It’s simple.  Style and function reign supreme.  Unlike nearly every other studio around the world, our two “A” suites are identical…in size, equipment, number of light bulbs, you name it; everything but the engineer and wall color are identical.  That’s right, no “B” suites here!  Step in to either one, close the door, and you’re immediately drawn to the quiet coziness. Once the session begins, the pristine sound will consume you as your project comes to life!

Essential Experience

Enduring years of euphony makes us exceptional.  With decades of experience and tens of thousands of projects under their fingers, Kurt Labenz and Chris Acker have established themselves locally, regionally and nationally as two of the top audio engineers/producers in the business.  Every project, whether a single voiceover tag or one with extensive sound design, is given the ears and experience it deserves.

Sensational Surround

Send your sound to soaring heights.  Since it’s still not mainstream, there’s no better way to send your project to the next level.  It doesn’t have to be a feature film with effects flying over your head to be produced in surround.  Most importantly, you don’t have to worry about the technical jargon.   From concept to final playback platform, just say the word and we’ll make it happen!

Superb Sound Design

Subtle or strong…sell it with sfx.  We must admit that while we don’t have “favorite” projects,  we do love us some sound design!  Whether it’s from our massive sfx library or doing original foley work, there’s nothing that will give more life to a project than tasteful sound design.  Check out our work to let the sound do the talking!

Vivacious Voices

The right voice is vital to your vision.  Not only do we have an amazing roster of voice talent from local to national, we have a simple and streamlined way to find the perfect voice for your project.  The combination of the right voice, along with the studio, microphone, engineer, writer, director and script, all factor in to the quality of the end product.  Start your search now by visiting our Voices page!

ADR & More

With our Prima LT ISDN and Source Connect Pro capabilities, we are able to connect to any capable studio around the world. Our tracking rooms are equipped with large video monitors for spot-on ADR.  Skype and phone patching into the session are also easily done to accommodate your (and your client’s) needs.


All the Tools to Accomplish Your Goals on Every Project

  • Pro Tools Ultimate HD 2020
  • C24 Mixing Console
  • Apple Mac Pro Dual 6 Core 3.46Ghz Xeon
  • Apple 30″ Display
  • Blue Sky System One 5.1 Monitoring
  • Focusrite Red 7 Mic Pre
  • Avalon VT 737SP Mic Pre
  • Prima LT ISDN Codec
  • Waves Gold TDM plug-in bundle
  • Waves 360 surround tools
  • Blackmagic Intensity Pro Video Card
  • LG 60″ LCD Video Monitor
  • ESE Up/Down Timer
  • Radio Systems Phone Patch Hybrid
  • Neumann U87, TLM103, TLM 102 Microphones
  • AKG C414 Microphone
  • Sennheiser MKH50 & 416 Shotgun Microphones
  • Sanken COS-11DBP Lavalier Microphone
  • Specific Microphones available on request
  • Tascam DAT & Cassette Machines
  • Brainstorm TB-4 Wireless Talkback
  • Source Connect Pro
  • Izotope RX for audio repair and enhancement
  • Skype